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郭益铭 Yi-Ming (AiR) Kuo,博士,楚天学者特聘教授,博导。

    2013年开始任职于中国地质大学(武汉)环境学院,为湖北省楚天学者特聘教授、湖北省杰出青年。博士业于美国佛罗里达大学农业及生物工程学系。专长于生态环境时空统计分析、流域生态环境评估与管理、及应用植生滤带控制面源污染物传输。共发表约30几篇SCI 国际期刊论文。文章被引用近1200次,单篇被引用次数高达800多次。郭教授过去在美国攻读博士学位时,曾在美国佛罗里达州磷矿区应用植生滤带控制面源污染物(磷与沉积物)的传输。近年来将动态因子分析(Dynamic Factor Analysis)广泛应用于环境生态及水文学等研究领域,包含分析水库藻类丰富度变化、溪流出海口浮游藻类变化、气候变迁影响下的降雨特性、地下水砷污染、空气微粒及臭氧污染、潮间带海藻床生态议题等研究课题,发表10几篇SCI英文论文。近五年主持的研究项目有『沉积物与非点源污染物于植生滤带传输机制之探讨』、『动态因子分析石门水库藻类丰富度季节性时空变化』、『探讨主要影响武陵地区石附生藻长期生物量变化之因子』、与湖北省杰出青年基金『南水北调与引江济汉工程对汉江中下游流域水文生态环境的影响』。


1). Contract address and Email:  联系方式:

School of Environmental studies

China University of Geosciences

Lumo Road 388
, Wuhan, PRC 430074

Email: airkuo@ntu.edu.tw


2). Specialties: 专业领域

Best Management Practices, Contaminant Subsurface Hydrology, Surface and Subsurface Hydrology, Simulation of Hydrology and Water Quality, Dynamic Factor Analysis (Statistics).    


3). Education:  教育背景  

Doctor of Philosophy, 2007

Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Dissertation: Vegetative Filter Strips to Control Surface Runoff Phosphorus Transport from Mining Sand Tailings in the Upper Peace River Basin of Central Florida

Major: Hydrologic Science Academic Cluster

Minor: Soil and Water Science

Master of Science, 1999

Agricultural Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Thesis: Multivariate Statistics and Artificial Neural Network Analyzing Groundwater Quality in Yun-Lin Coastal Area, Taiwan

Bachelor of Science, 1997

Hydraulic Engineering, Feng-Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan


4). Professional Experiences:  工作经历

Assistant Professor, 08/2009-07/2013

Department of Design for Sustainable Environment, MingDao University.

Postdoctoral Fellow, 02/2009-07/2009

Soil and Water Conservation Department, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

Postdoctoral Fellow, 03/2008–01/2009

Department of Bioenvironmental System Engineering, National Taiwan University

Postdoctoral Research Associate, 12/2007–03/2008

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, University of Florida

Graduate Research Assistant, 8/2003–12/2007

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, University of Florida

Research Assistant, 4/2001–7/2003

Bioenvironmental System Engineering Department, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


5). Professional Certifications and Honors:  学术奖励及证书


Who's Who in the World, 2012

Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 2011


Honorable Mention Winners, ASABE paper award, 2008. 美国农业及生物工程学会论文奖

Research Creative Award of the National Science Council, Taiwan, 1997

Professionals and Technical Personnel in the Category of Hydraulic Engineer, Taiwan, 1997


6). Funding Experiences:  科研项目

1. 主持中央高校基本科研业务费杰出人才培育基金1项,研究时间2013.10至2016.12。

2.    主持学院创新基地盆地水文过程与湿地生态恢复课题,汉江中下游潜流带地表水与地下水间磷流通量估算及其对汉江水域生态的影响,研究时间2015.7至2017.12。

3.    主持湖北省杰出青年基金,南水北调中线与引江济汉工程调水对汉江中下游水环境的影响研究时间2015.1至2017.12。

4.    Effects of factors on the abundance of epilithic algae in mountain streams of subtropical Taiwan, National Science Council, 2013-2014, PI.

5.    Dynamic factor analysis of seasonal phytoplankton abundance in Shihmen Reservoir, National Science Council, 2012-2013, PI.

6.    Sediment and nonpoint source pollution transport mechanism in vegetative filter strips, National Science Council, 2010-2012, PI.

7.    Vegetative filter strips effectiveness in reducing sediment and nonpoint source pollution transport, National Science Council, 2009-2010, PI.


7). Teaching Experiences  教学经验   

Introduction to Ecology, Global Environmental Change, Natural Resources Conservation

Watershed Management, Flood Control, Environmental Impact Assessment, Photography, Statistics



8). Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals (*: Corresponding Author) SCI期刊论文

1. Kuo, Y.M., Yu, H.L., Kuan, W.H., Kao, M.H., Lin, H.J., 2016. Factors Controlling Changes in Epilithic Algal Biomass in the Mountain Streams of Subtropical Taiwan. Plos One. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0166604

2. Kuo, Y.M.*, Wu, J.T., 2016. Phytoplankton dynamics of a subtropical reservoir controlled by the complex interplay among hydrological, abiotic, and biotic variable. Environ Monit Assess., 188: 689. doi:10.1007/s10661-016-5713-5

3. Li, M., Xiong, Z., Liu, H., Kuo, Y.M., Tong, Z., 2016. Copper-induced alteration in sucrose partitioning and its relationship to the root growth of two Elsholtzia haichowensis Sun populations. International Journal of Phytoremediation. 18 (10): 966-76.

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9). Conference Presentations (*: Corresponding Author)

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